Joyful Yoga

yogaSmall Group Classes
Do you feel uncomfortable in your mind or body without knowing why? Do you wish you could experience serenity and delight in your skin? Do ordinary yoga classes seem intimidating or too focused on athletics?

This is not power yoga. It’s not Iyengar yoga. It’s not hot yoga. Joy’s yoga is a practice of discovery. Participants gain self-awareness and compassion for their minds and bodies. Joy structures her classes to meet clients’ individual needs and concerns, combining her years of energy healing and mindful awareness to activate the body’s wisdom. People of all shapes and sizes and levels of ability are honored in an environment of loving support.

Individual Yoga Sessions
Do you feel lost or frustrated in a group setting? Do you need help valuing and celebrating your body? Do you wish your psychotherapy had a physical component?

Joy offers clients an opportunity to work deeply on inner struggles and attend to physical needs. A one-on-one session might include breath exercises, hand mudras, asana flows for home practice, and increased awareness of self-limiting beliefs.

Through this work, clients can manifest concrete changes so that they leave feeling positive shifts on multiple levels.

Effects of a Joyful Yoga Practice
Group and individual yoga clients can experience:

• Reduced anxiety
• Improved concentration
• Emotional serenity
• A strengthened and aligned body
• Quality sleep
• An open heart
• Spontaneous joy

Private Yoga

• 1 75-minute session: $100
• Package of 5 sessions: $75 each for a total of $375

To schedule a private session or check on current class schedule and fees, email Joy or call 479-409-4912.