Would you like to bring a unique workshop to your yoga studio, retreat center, or church community?

Joy offers a variety of workshops designed  to assist people more successfully navigate their journeys and bring balance, vitality, and joy into their daily lives. She combines hands-on, experiential exercises with lecture for a dynamic, multi-faceted approach that meets different learning styles. Her insight, wisdom, and humor create a safe and powerful environment for exploration and growth.

Joy has 20 years of experience in the healing and creative arts. She offers workshops around the country. Below are descriptions of some popular offerings. Joy also delights in creating workshops suited to your unique needs.

Prices vary depending on location and duration of workshop. To schedule a workshop in your area or for more information, send me an email with your inquiries.

Dismantle Your Inner Critic, Live Your Brilliance
by Joy Caffrey

Do you have a critical voice in your head that prevents you from thriving? Does your self-doubt hold you back? Do you toss and turn at night when you inner critic is working overtime?

This workshop provides a framework for understanding how you escalate your own suffering by letting your inner critic get the best of you. You will identify the “who” and “how” of your inner critic and learn the essential art of reframing. You can learn to make radiance a conscious and creative choice rather than repeatedly sabotaging yourself. You can use this awareness to reach deeper levels of compassion for yourself and others.

You will explore your conscious and unconscious behaviors and energy patterns. You will work with specific exercises to diminish fear, shame, guilt, and your inner critic. You will be given tools to reduce anxiety and depression, and increase energy and clarity.

Joy will guide you through six steps necessary to effectively dismantle you inner critic so that you can live your brilliance. During this playful and interactive workshop, you will learn through a combination of discussion, guided mediation, and creative exploration.

Class format:  4-hour class and/or full day. Course certificates for CEUs for social workers will be available upon request.

Every Encounter is an Energy Exchange: An Introduction to Human Energy Dynamics
by Joy Caffrey

Are you a sensitive person? Are you sometimes aware of other people’s energy, for better or worse? This workshop provides a framework for understanding how we interpret and use energy — to help us or hurt us — in our everyday interactions with our co-workers, clients, friends, and families. It teaches us to perceive the five basic energy movements of push, pull, stop, contract, and diffuse. You can learn to observe when you are using your energy defensively or radiantly. You can learn how to make radiance a choice versus a defaulting into defense.

The workshop will teach us how to correlate this information to the five core character structures of Schizoid, Oral, Masochist, Narcissist, and Rigid. We will increase self-awareness, strengthen interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and deepen our capacity for compassion.

Class format:  4-hour class and/or weekend intensive. Course certificates for CEUs for social workers will be available upon request.

Clarify and Heal Your Relationships: Dissolving Dysfunctional Power Cords
by Joy Caffrey

Do you feel powerless, unheard, or criticized in a relationship with your mother, father, spouse, ex-spouse, child, or boss? Would you like to bring more understanding, mutuality, resilience, respect, compassion, and healing into a particular relationship?

On an energetic level, we have energy cords that connect us to the individuals we are with, or have been with, in any form of relationship. In this workshop we explore the effects of these energetic power cords. Using active visualization, we will release any dysfunctional power cords that have left you feeling disempowered. And we’ll deepen your sense of connection, both to yourself and in your relationships. Joy will demonstrate the ways she has used this work in her healing practice, where she has seen immediate benefits from this easy-to-learn technique.

Class format: 4-hour workshop

Senuous and Loving It
by Joy Caffrey and Maria Chowdhury

In this workshop we will explore our relationship to our own sensuality and sexuality. We will open the workshop by creating and then maintaining a safe and sacred space for all participants. We will discuss cultural messages we have been feed about sexuality and observe our fears, emotions, and body’s responses connected to these messages.

We will use guided meditation and authentic movement to explore our true nature, innate sensuality, and beauty. Maria will offer her herbal wisdom. Joy will share aspects of energy dynamics related to sexual intimacy. We will have a closing circle to end the workshop.

Class format: 4-hour workshop

Vibrational Shift
by Joy Caffrey

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” –Albert Einstein

Would you like to learn some tools to get out of your ruts and get back on center? Learn to quiet your inner critic and activate your inner wisdom. Healing tones are a method of using vocal sounds as a form of vibrational healing that shifts consciousness. In this workshop, healing tones will be used to clear and balance the chakras and will be incorporated with an asana practice and guided imagery.

Participants gain self-awareness and compassion for their minds and bodies. Joy structures her classes to meet clients’ individual needs and concerns. People of all shapes, sizes, and levels of ability are honored in an environment of loving support. This workshop will include group discussion, working with each other, and working on our own.

Class format:  3.5  hour class and or weekend intensive

Experience the Healing Power of Toning
by Joy Caffrey

Would you like to express yourself with ease and clarity? In the workshop we will clear our throat chakras and connect to the voice of our hearts. Toning is a healing process that uses vocal sound to restore the body with profound effects. Through tonal vibrations, the chakras are restructured and balanced for optimal function and health. In this introductory experience, you will:
• Benefit from the healing quality of Joy’s toning
• Gain awareness of any resistance you may have to full expression
• Learn to clear, clean, and expand your energy field with sound

Class format:  3.5  hour class

Intuition and Wisdom
by Joy Caffrey

Access your inner wisdom and develop your intuition in this skill-building workshop. Reduce stress and anxiety, increase creativity and vitality through guided meditation and active imagination exercises. Integrate and access your full potential.

Course certificates for CEUs for social workers will be available upon request.

Class format:  3 hour class and or weekend intensive

Me and My Shadow
presented by and Joy Caffrey Amy Eversole

Free yourself from anxiety, fear, shame, and guilt by accepting and integrating your shadow side. We’ll offer tools to navigate this territory to help you step more fully into your power. Me and My Shadow will playfully explore archetypal imagery with movement, guided meditation, active imagination, and creative expression to help us grow in self-awareness and to release old patterns that no longer serve us.

Class format: Weekend intensive

Checking In Versus Checking Out
by Joy Caffrey

Release pain of the mind, pain of the body. This workshop focuses on the challenges presented by seasonal changes by reframing and releasing our self-limiting, patterned behaviors and re-energizing our self-care strategies. Joy will facilitate the workshop with discussion topics, guided meditations, and healing energy. We will reflect on the ways that we all check in or check out of our own bodies, and learn tools for accessing and translating our inner guidance and wisdom.

Class format:  3-hour class and/or weekend intensive

Rediscover Your Holiday Joy
by Joy Caffrey

Enrich your holidays with awareness of the season’s archetypes and wisdom with guided meditation exercises. I have put together a unique workshop to open the Christmas holidays with awareness and care. We will create a sacred circle in which we have the opportunity to look at and let go of the baggage we bring to the holiday and open to the purity of joy and rebirth.

Class format:  3-hour workshop

An Exploration of Conscious Parenting: Q&A with Joy and Tim Caffrey

Do you wish your child came with an instruction manual? Is parenting more challenging than you expected? Are you worn out at the end of the day? This workshop will help you raise self-confident, socially conscious, and loving children. And just as important, it will help you learn to nurture yourself and your relationship with your spouse along the way. Joy and Tim Caffrey offer their 24 years of parenting experience in an interactive workshop.

Class format:  3-hour class and/or six-week 2-hour class series

Yoga Workshop: Ease on Down
by Joy Caffrey

This is a restorative yoga workshop to release tension, restore vitality and renew hope through gentle yoga, breathing exercises, relaxation, and guided meditation. Joy offers the benefits of her expertise in transformational healing in combination with 20 years of yoga practice.

Available in a 3-hour workshop and/or weekend intensive.

Yoga Workshop: Movement, Stillness: Heightened Awareness
by Joy Caffrey

The goal of this class is to help you enhance self-awareness, increase concentration, steady the emotions, strengthen and align the body, and open the heart. This class is open to all skill levels.

Joy offers her expertise in transformational healing in combination with 20 years of yoga practice.

Available in a 3-hour workshop and/or weekend intensive.