Prenatal Yoga Guided Meditation and Affirmation Cards Package


As an artist and healer, I want to share this unique combination of tools—affirmation cards and guided meditation—with you for your journey ahead. You too can feel empowered, capable, and present during your labor and delivery.


  • Birthing Cards V6 D6Ten Two-sided Birthing Affirmation Cards (to be shipped to your mailing address)

Side 1: artwork and affirmation to inspire and guide you
Birthing Cards V 614Side 2: your visual dilation aid and canvas for your own design and affirmation

  • Audio file of Guided Mediation (download of audio file will be sent to your email)

The guided meditation for expectant mothers provides both relaxation and a connection to maternal wisdom. You will be led to access the resources needed to feel calm and strong in preparation for labor, delivery and parenting. Length: 28 minutes

Labor is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be intolerable. We can shift the framing of our experience so that not only is labor bearable but actually empowering—for both mother and child.  Throughout my own labors, I concentrated on my affirmation cards—by propping them up in the room, holding them myself, or asking my husband to show them to me. Sometimes, I would use them in order; other times, I’d go back to a previous card.  When I needed to turn inward, I would.  When I felt called to move to the next card, I would.

I encourage you to listen to the guided meditation as often as needed, access your own wisdom, and create your unique birthing experience.

A transcript of the Prenatal Yoga Meditation is also included in this package.

Guided meditations are made available in a downloadable mp3 format following purchase. Transcripts are provided as a downloadable PDF. The Affirmation Cards will be shipped to your mailing address.