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Radiant Relationships 7-week live online course

October 28 @ 1:00 pm - December 9 @ 3:00 pm


Wednesdays from Oct. 28 through Dec. 9, 1-3 pm

Create Wholehearted Connection, Clarity, and Connection in ALL Your Relationships

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Discover the 5 Energy Movements for transforming old patterns to strengthen your self-confidence, speak your truth, and enjoy vibrant relationships.

Imagine yourself feeling at ease and fully present in any situation, your confidence harnessed from self-acceptance and feeling grounded.

We know our buttons can get pushed. Relationships are complex. Anxiety rises as we think about navigating tough conversations. Perhaps you feel a weariness, a knot in your gut, or regret saying “yes” instead of “no” to a partner, your parents, your siblings, a boss, or neighbor.

Unmet needs and situational challenges from childhood leave strong impressions that continue to impact our adult relationships. As children, we developed strategies to cope with life based on appeasing our caretakers. Maybe we learned the best way to get attention was to go into an emotional fury,  to act helpless or precocious, or strive for perfection.

Here’s the catch:  Strategies that were absolutely essential to you as a child become detrimental to you as an adult. You want to be the authority of your life; yet, you keep using ingrained and unconscious behavioral patterns  from when you weren’t in charge. They alter your perception of current reality. Those patterns no longer serve the adult you’ve become.

A transformational journey allows you to liberate yourself from habitual and triggered responses. The process goes  inward, honors the imprint, and releases the patterns that don’t serve you. From a healthy, conscious choice, you create new pathways for yourself and for every relationship. You become present to the moment and fully available. 

That’s why I created Radiant Relationships: To help you shift patterns and gain the clarity, confidence, and resilience to create the relationships you want. This 7-week live online course provides a framework for understanding how you interpret and use energy in your everyday communication with co-workers, clients, friends, and loved ones.

Discover how to choose radiance. This course combines weekly lessons, guided meditations, breath exercises, hand mudras, questions and reflections. Homework is self-reflection, observation, and practice. I encourage self-compassion and humor. You can let go of striving for perfection. The outcome may feel like self-acceptance and taste like freedom. Self-connection, self-respect, and self-love will open you to relating to others with confidence and compassion.

I guide you through a process that can be healing in the moment. We start with compassion and tend to the “you” that wasn’t heard. You’ll learn to perceive the five basic energy movements. With this consciousness, you can stop defaulting into defensive patterns and diminish anxiety, shame, and guilt. You can be mindful and catch yourself getting annoyed, irritated, and frustrated, and reflect on whether — out of habit — you are giving power away or withholding the expression of your power.

Develop the ability to:

    • Express yourself in all your relationships with more ease and confidence
    • Understand how you use energy and your energetic boundaries
    • Feel more comfortable in your skin by knowing your strengths and accepting your imperfections 
    • Choose healthy, appropriate actions to meet your needs within your relationships
    • Be empathetic and compassionate to yourself and others
    • Be powerfully present and fully experience joy, pleasure, and creativity

Imagine yourself at a holiday dinner, feeling at ease as you dive into the conversational flow.  Picture yourself in a work meeting, with a genuine smile as you share ideas to enthusiastic listeners. Picture the day that wherever you go, you trust yourself to wholeheartedly express your unique truth as you live in radiance.

This course will include

  • 7 weekly live online training session
  • 7 weekly contemplative exercises
  • 7 weekly training packets for each energy pattern
  • 7 weekly playful practices related to the course material
  • Lifetime access to the weekly live online training video recordings
  • You will be a member of a loving interactive community

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October 28 @ 1:00 pm
December 9 @ 3:00 pm
http://Youtube link https://youtu.be/dXTw53ATqOU


Joy Caffrey