“This woman offers (is) an amazing dynamic blend to help anyone along their path to heal. Joy is truly the perfect name for her. I think of her as my body worker, energy healer and psychologist.

Receiving from this practitioner is releasing, peaceful and brings my spirit into a strong sense of freedom. I have left each session heart filled and excited, with new releases and understandings from my body, my mind and my heart. Each time I have walked away with tools to continue the work. As a cranial sacral therapist I can feel tissue unwinding and energy blocks releasing. Along with this Joy helps me connect with family memories, ancient memories, old emotional patterns and new healing paradigms of understanding. As an occupational therapist I am grateful for this powerful blend of therapy Joy offers. I find myself saying WOW a lot. Joy has a massive peaceful heart and amazing tenderness. She is a true healer.”

Patty Miller, Occupational Therapist – Little Rock, AR