Human Energy Dynamics
Are you a sensitive person? Are you sometimes aware of other people’s energy, for better or worse? This workshop provides a framework for understanding how we interpret and use energy — to help us or hurt us — in our everyday interactions with our co-workers, clients, friends, and families. It teaches us to perceive the five basic energy movements of push, pull, stop, =energy defensively or radiantly. You can learn how to make radiance a choice versus defaulting into defense. You can use this information to reach deeper levels of compassion for yourself and others.

Experience the Healing Power of Toning
Would you like to express yourself with ease and clarity? In the workshop we will clear our throat chakras and connect to the voice of our hearts. Toning is a healing process that uses vocal sound to restore the body with profound effects. Through tonal vibrations, the chakras are restructured and balanced for optimal function and health. In this introductory experience, you will:
• Benefit from the healing quality of Joy’s toning
• Gain awareness of any resistance you may have to full expression
• Learn to clear, clean, and expand your energy field with sound


Friday evening, May 1
Program Sponsored by Conscious Awareness Network. Love offering.
Potluck at 6:00 p.m. followed by:
Human Energy Dynamics, The Healing Power of Toning and How Both Can Change Your World Today with Joy Caffrey at 7 p.m.

Saturday, May 2
Human Energy Dynamics 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Experience the Healing Power of Toning 2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Cost for Saturday Classes: One class: $88 Both classes: $150
Early bird special: register for both classes before April 15 for $130
To reserve your space, register online at





“What was essential for your survival as a child is detrimental to you as an adult.” I first heard these words at a lecture in 2008 by Pittman McGehee, a Jungian analyst and national speaker. I have been witnessing the truth of these words as I listen to my clients and observe my own life.


When we were children our authority was based outside of us. We learned ways to get the attention we needed from our primary caregivers. At the most basic level, we figured out how to keep the food coming and a roof over our heads. We learned to appease our caregivers. Perhaps we figured out how to look adorable, be precocious, or do whatever else was expected of us. Maybe we learned the best way to get attention was to go into an emotional fury, or act helpless. We came up with these creative and unconscious strategies that kept us alive.


The words author and authority come from the same Latin root word: auctor, which means to command, to influence, to master. As adults, we want to be the authority of our lives. But we keep using the behavioral patterns ingrained and unconscious in us that were based on us not being in charge. Now as adults those childhood patterns kick in before we realize it. When certain external stimulation comes at us we already have a programmed reaction that travels down the same neurological pathway from years of repetition.

Ready to Change

How do we recognize that our strategies and automatic pilot behaviors are detrimental? We may observe ourselves feeling disempowered, confused, or unappreciated. We may feel resentful and irritated from acquiescing to our parents, boss, older sibling, or neighbor. There is a sense that we aren’t living our lives. Perhaps it is a weariness, or a knot in our gut, or feeling defeated.

I hear these complaints from my clients: “I have to take care of everyone; I don’t have time for myself.” “My parents told me I’d never get a man, so I end up with any drunken bum that will take me.” “I don’t even know what I want.” Acting confused to hide one’s own intelligence or unnecessarily apologizing are examples of detrimental behavior. So too is disrupting conversations or raising one’s voice because in the past that was the only way to get heard. Anytime we get caught in an “always” or “never” pattern, it needs to be reexamined. It may be an unconscious habit that drives us to say “yes” when we mean “no.” And we may have been trained to say “No, thank you” even when we really want something. As we tire of these patterns, we know we are ready to change.


Our job is not to get rid of our ego, which developed all those strategies in the first place. Our ego serves us to function in the world. We do, however, want to let go of its outdated strategies. Our job as healthy adults is to redirect our ego to serve our highest good. Our highest good doesn’t mean acting in a way that seeks approval from the people around us. It does mean connecting with a higher power, however we define that, be it God, Universal Energy, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Earth, Spirit, Allah, etc.


When we can begin to recognize that some of our suffering comes from our own childhood survival strategies, we can begin the journey of self-empowerment. Mental clarity emerges from raised awareness; we can be mindful when we catch ourselves getting annoyed, irritated and frustrated.  At that point, we can reflect to see if we are using old behaviors. Are we giving our power away or withholding the expression of our power from habit?

We no longer have to numb ourselves. Our feelings do not have to define us. They can inform us. By using discernment, we learn to choose when and with whom to share our feelings. When we get stimulated by what life throw at us, we do not have to react from our history. With raised awareness, we have the opportunity to pause, notice our feelings, and choose to respond or not respond from a conscious and empowered place of self-connection.

I’d love to receive any feedback or reflections that you may have. Do you see yourself in any of the examples mentioned? If so, you are not alone.  The nature of being human is filled with contradictions. I encourage self-compassion and humor as an antidote to our imperfections. We can let go of the striving for perfection. The outcome may feel like self-acceptance and taste like freedom.

A beautiful aspect of life is our ability to try new things, experiment, make changes and grow. In my next blog, I will describe three aspects of learning that adults often forget. In the meantime, have fun being the author of your own life.



Join me in Little Rock for an energy medicine workhop

Dissolving Dysfunctional Power Cords

Clarify Your Relationships

Do you feel powerless, unheard, or criticized in a relationship with your mother, father, spouse, ex-spouse, child, or boss? Would you like to bring more understanding, mutuality, resilience, respect, compassion, and healing into a particular relationship?
On an energetic level, we have energy cords that connect us to the individuals we are with, or have been with, in any form of relationship. In this workshop, we explore the effects of these energetic power cords. Using active visualization, we will release any dysfunctional power cords that have left you feeling disempowered. And we’ll deepen your sense of connection, both to yourself and in your relationships. Joy will demonstrate the ways she has used this work in her healing practice. Joy has seen immediate benefits from this easy-to-learn technique.

Date: Sunday, Nov. 24

Time: 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
The office of Michele Joblin Acupuncture
2300 Andover Court, Ste. 510
Little Rock, AR 72227
Cost: $55
To register e-mail Joy Caffreyor Michele Joblin
 or callJoy Caffrey 479-409-4912 or Michele Joblin 501-221-1120
Scholarships available

We may not share the same experiences, but I am guessing we share similar feelings around our challenges.

I grew up in the suburbs, on Long Island, roof over my head, food in my belly, a bicycle to ride and a tree to climb. That tree was my best friend.

I am not sure anyone realized just how sensitive I was. In rearing me and my four siblings, my parents used physical discipline. A family philosophy passed down from my grandparents is that children were to be seen and not heard. I was told to shut up or else; “or else” was not an empty threat.  I longed for gentleness and affection. I was easily overwhelmed, even by my own feelings, and at times needed solitude for my introverted nature. That is why I climbed our silver maple often and took solace in her branches.

Somehow I believed I didn’t really have needs, that if I only made myself smaller and quieter, I could avoid getting hurt. I lost my ability to speak up. I believed that my feelings didn’t count, my perceptions didn’t matter. I believed I shouldn’t take up too much space.

The way that the pain of my childhood has shown up as an adult is that I am hyper-sensitive to criticism. I take things too personally. I blame myself for any chaos going on around me. I have spent a lot of time making sure everyone else’s ego is being appeased. It has taken me a long time to trust myself and trust others. I have had to overcome an expectation of getting hurt.

I absorbed positive qualities from my family. My parents were hard working. My dad was a mechanical engineer. While not at work, my father was constantly working on our home, remodeling rooms or landscaping the yard. He cared about creating beauty in our home. I am grateful that my mom exposed me to the arts, taking me to museums and local theatre productions. My mom was a nurse and continually aiding others. My mom took into our home her younger sister and her alcoholic father. Creativity and taking care of others were valued in our family. These traits were ingrained in me.

A year after college, my closest college friend, Joe, was hit by a car and died. On the day Joe died, he was in Alaska and I was in New York, but I saw a bicycle wheel spinning in my mind’s eye and felt like I had just been just hit by a car. That is when I began to “see” things. Until then my vision of Spirit world was a line between me and God, direct, pure and simple.

My lucid dreaming was my counsel during the weeks after Joe’s death. My dreams were always a week ahead of my grieving process, laying out the stages for me. But I wasn’t fully ready for the gift of clairvoyance as I started to experience it. I felt the need to shut down and on some levels I did. Blessedly, I was able to stay open to a new relationship that was just starting with the man whom I have now been married to for 26 years. Tim and I have made it through a lot over the years.

A turning point for me was when I realized I could “see” and “hear” the troubled spirit of the deceased owner of the first house my husband and I purchased. The first two years of opening to my healing skills related to learning about my gifts of perception and helping those who had died to peacefully transition. And that led me to find a teacher who taught me Energy Medicine. I was trained to develop self-awareness and high-sense perception and to cultivate these skills in service to others in alignment with a higher power.

My two-year training course was my first exposure to boundaries. I learned not to be an emotional rescuer and not to depend on one. I learned a new vocabulary to describe things that I had been experiencing in various dimensions and for which I had never had a language. I developed discernment. I gained a community which understood me. That was powerful. I want to offer you understanding in the same way.

In overcoming my struggles I have learned many things which have brought me to a place of inner happiness.

Things I have learned:

  • No one is all good or all bad; we are humans, each with dark and light qualities.
  • I am imperfect and I accept this truth.
  • I believe in miracles.
  • We do not have to continue family dysfunction and destructive behaviors.
  • I continue to strengthen my boundaries.
  • I have developed incredible compensation skills over the years.
  • I am not stupid; on the contrary, I am brilliant.
  • I have developed good self-care strategies. I sleep, eat, and exercise — mindfully.
  • I listen to and respect my body.
  • I create supportive networks for myself.
  • I have never been abandoned by God.
  • Even though I crave love and affection, I know I am constantly held in love — by God, by the Universe, by my inner guides. I know I am love in action.
  • My creativity is something that no one can ever take from me. It is a constant flow that moves through me from Source.
  • I am skilled at dipping into the unconscious and coming out with information.
  • I trust myself and my inner wisdom.
  • I am good at interpreting what is not being said.
  • Reframing my challenges allows me to thrive.
  • I have a deep capacity for compassion.
  • No one person’s pain has been too dark for me to be present with while it is held with love. (I have never lived in an active war zone; I am sure I have my limits.)
  • We have raised three awesome kids. They are brilliant, creative, emotionally intelligent, and easily express love.

I’d like to offer you support on your journey and reflect back to you your own radiance. I have tools in my tool box to share with you. I trust your journey will also bring healing and meaning to your life. I look forward to seeing how you express your own beauty and self-worth. You are brilliant.


I recently joined Gabrielle Idlet’s Writing group. This piece is from a ten minute writing exercise with a prompt.

Writers group prompt: describe your day from the viewpoint of a bird.

I like that you notice me when I sing the sun awake. I hear your foot steps as you flick on the lights, then tap on your keyboard. The running water changes sound as you fill the teapot and then make it sing.

Intuition and Wisdom

Workshop by Joy Aprile Caffrey

Access your inner wisdom and develop your intuition in this skill building workshop. Reduce stress and anxiety; increase your creativity and vitality through guided meditation and active imagination exercises.
Integrate and access your full potential.

February 20, 2011
Workshop hours: Sunday 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Joy, Melissa, and fellow artisans have created an assortment of beautiful, edible, and musical gifts. With the holidays quickly approaching,
these unique gifts are perfect for family and friends.

Guest artists include Amy Eversole, Becky Hauck, Renata Shelton, Leslie Oelsner, Geoff Oelsner,
and Chrissy Parks.

Amy and Joy will have their well received collaborative art for sale.

The newly released Harmonia CD will also be available — pick it up while it’s fresh!

December 18th & 19th 2010

Saturday 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Our holiday merriment includes delicious soup, cider, mulled wine, and music by Geoff Oelsner .

Please support your local artists this holiday season.

CLICK HERE to listen to an interview with Joy and Amy on Ozarks At Large.




Our friend Paul is both a bird watcher and nature photographer. I take delight in these images offering icons of spring.

Ice Photos taken January 26, 2009.

tracks Tracks by Gregg St.

Ben in road

Ben in middle of the road by Greg Street’ one lane bridge

bench in ice

Bench at Wilson Park

front yard trees

Our front Yard

Castle in Ice

Castle at Wilson Park

Skyline trees in ice

Trees on Skyline Drive

Lasting impressions: the green glow and my body’s disconcerted response from the transformer boxes popping…feeling simultaneously magical and catastrophic qualities…to quote my husband, “The cold makes me want to ‘migrate or hibernate'”…. the sounds of snapping trees that started about 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday and lasted for hours…migrating to Common Grounds to get warm, eat hot food and charge my cell phone like so many others and catching the frenzied buzz of adults not at work…carry in logs, feed fire, carry in more logs, feed fire, carry in more logs, grateful for a fire place…appreciating my ingenuity boiling eggs and cooking sausage on my fireplace rim…my meditation with the trees and feeling calmly reassured…and still feeling my own grief…catching my fear rising with the sounds of tree limbs falling on the roof above….shattering glass sounds as the ice gave way to the rising temperatures….keeping it in perspective and realizing this is not Katrina…grief and empathy for the families of local high school boys killed in a fire…grateful to live in a caring community…..walking the neighborhood with my son and camera…recognizing my centering response was to view my surroundings with the viewpoint of awe and beauty.