“I perceive Joy as one who graciously gives of her talents and energy. Her concern feels genuine and warm.

As for the healing aspect, what transpired is almost beyond description. My sense is that positive changes occurred on a cellular level.”

MBH — Hot Springs, AR

“I’d first like to state that nothing I can put into words can express the wonder and beauty of just how Joy has guided and blessed my life’s journey through her work with me over the last year.

She has the remarkable gift of allowing one to discover and release obstructions that would otherwise impede or dilute the fullness of life in our relationships, our everyday work, and spiritual progression.

The unconditional love that Joy embraces in her healing session fully aligns with the highest and most honored that any healing tradition would offer. It is through that infinite universal love that Joy connects and bridges in a deep personal transformation or transmutation. Her work is only limited by one’s willingness to surrender and embrace change from lost or forgotten portals, that can seemingly sabotage our best intentions.

Energy healing with Joy is in itself a remarkable process. It continues to build from one session to another, always delivering me refreshed, renewed, and exponentially further along life’s path. The healing extends well beyond the session, providing opportunities that deliver new dynamics, direction, and synchronicity along our path.

I’d be the first to say that I don’t intellectually fully comprehend Joy’s work in a manner that I could detail to another. However, I could say that Joy’s healing work is expressed as a gifted artistry that seems to creatively emerge with an unlimited array of loving energy, those expressions of which, compassionately guide and deliver a new born freedom within a universally connected space of peace, love, joy, and purpose.

Having utilized many other methods of traditional and non-traditional healing over the years, Joy’s healing is extremely effective, synthesizing solutions for your whole “beingness” in balanced alignment.”

David Fitch – Bentonville, AR


“A session with Joy Caffrey is transformative; I feel that I have gone into a mystical trance and have awakened as a purer version of myself. Like a human laser, she knows where to focus her remarkable skills as she guides her clients towards greater vitality, peace and clarity. Her unique process allows even the most wary of her clients to open up to deep healing. Just being around Joy is anchoring and calming–arriving at my first session I could already sense the energy shifting as I stood before the door to her office. I look forward to every appointment because I know how I will feel–as if I could skip all the way home. Thank you, Joy! ”

P.A. –  Little Rock, AR

“I thought the sound was one of the most curious and intriguing sounds I’ve ever heard, especially from a human throat.  Most of the time during the…toning I guess is a good word…

I felt like I normally do during a guided imagery–not totally present in the room.  But the experience changed when I could sense that she was standing in front of me and making the sound “at” me. Then it was as if the sound was my consciousness/being and the rhythm as she went from lower volume to higher volume was the “breath” of my consciousness. It was as if the sound reverberated throughout my entire body and down through each molecule.”

Daniel Chapman, Soul Sonar Workshop – Lafayette, Louisiana 8/2008


“My work with Joy completed work that had begun over 10 years earlier.  In my session with Joy she was able to recover two “soul fragments” and help me reintegrate them.

I felt complete and whole for the first time in my life.  It has been a very powerful healing for me.”

 GC — Little Rock, Arkansas


“I have greatly benefited from the services Joy offers. While I valued all the group and individual services I have received from her business so far, my favorite service is her one on one yoga sessions.

The unique skills that Joy offers really came together for me during the individualized yoga service. She is amazingly talented and offers many valuable services. Try the variety of classes and personalized services she has to offer and see for yourself.”

Kimberly Davis Pate – Fayetteville, AR

“When we are in the presence of a person of integrity who treats us with respect and interest, it is natural to relax and feel some trust.  Joy Caffrey is such a person.

Thus, I was able to experience tangible benefits from just sitting and talking with her, even before experiencing distinct energetic effects from her healing work.  I sensed that I was in the presence of one who loves truth, who perceives the sacredness of each life, and who is deeply dedicated to the service of others.

Joy’s approach to healing work is very fluid. In the ten or more healing sessions I have had with her since 2000 (both alone and with my partner), I have always observed that what she does varies according to what is needed.  Sometimes, she listens with great intensity.  Sometimes, words come to her which seem remarkably clarifying for my present situation–often to the point of being confirmations of her extrasensory capacities.  Many times I have felt tinglings, pulsations, or even streamings as fresh energy moves through relatively contracted areas of my body in enlivening ways. Sometimes she has “toned” sounds which seem to have a positive effect.  These sounds often seem to conform with unexpressed or unacknowledged emotions  in my psyche in such a way that I feel met, understood, and more safe to allow things that I haven’t been conscious of to rise to the light of awareness.

I think that the fluidity of Joy’s approach springs from her dedication to the truth of each person each moment, and from her finely-tuned ability to sense each client’s wholeness and whatever may be blocking that wholeness. The wide variety of ways she works is drawn out; seemingly evoked from her attunement to the leading edge of each client’s growth process. It’s a lovely, subtle ability that facilitates much movement and personal development.

In our sessions, Joy has paid particular attention to honoring boundaries, both mine and her own. This has added to my sense of feeling safe and fully respected, and I appreciate the way she models this honoring of her own boundaries and limitations right in the midst of all the expanded awareness she so clearly also manifests during a healing session.

As a licensed certified social worker who has been in clinical practice in Arkansas for over 20 years, I can attest that what Joy does is innately and appropriately therapeutic without even vaguely approximating psychotherapy or massage therapy.  I can think of a half dozen or so other seasoned clinicians like myself who would agree with this and who have referred patients to her, as I have.

Please feel free to contact me at if you would like me to address any questions or to share any further impressions of Joy Caffrey with you.”

Geoff Oelsner, LCSW ‑ Fayetteville, AR

“The first time I met Joy I had no idea what to expect. In that session and every session since, I’ve felt cherished and safe. Joy brings with her a sense that — profoundly, fully, without reservation — everything is just fine.

It’s an amazing experience. This experience of complete acceptance provides the space in which to grow and explore, address and resolve imbalances, examine new possibilities.

In a way, Joy heals as Florence Nightingale would have. Miss Nightingale operated on the assumption that the human experience is characterized by the drive toward health. To her, the healer’s job was to create an environment, in which that drive can operate without impediment. The healer managed light, ventilation, sound, hygiene, nutrition and hydration. Healing environments were light and airy, calm and interesting. People in the healing process were kept clean and given nourishing food and fresh water. What a healer like Joy brings to such an environment is a sense of confidence and competence — that the universe is unfolding as it should — that no one is alone because no one is separate — that no one is overwhelmed because no one is intruding — that all of us, singly and collectively, are beloved.”

Louanne Lawson, PhD, RN, FAAN, DF-IAFN

“I have observed Joy working in a variety of settings, and have personally been enlightened and helped by her kindness and her healing gifts.

Ms. Caffrey has a graceful and powerful connection to a source of healing that easily comes through in her voice, words and touch. The healing sessions that I have received have helped me emotionally and cognitively, often times much faster than conventional psychotherapy.”

Joshua Newman, M.A., LPC – Fayetteville, AR