I felt whole again, a feeling that I have not felt for many years thanks to the Art of Reframing workshop. It was Awesome. I would encourage anyone male or female, young or old, to take a day and experience the Art of Reframing, it will change your life.

I was invited by my wife to participate in Joy’s “Art of Reframing” workshop, my wife thought this would be a great way for me to reflect on and express some of my inner feelings. As you could imagine this was the last thing on my list of things I wanted to do. I decided to be positive and optimistic of the outcome, and was eager to accumulate my list of reasons why this was not a good idea. I must say I was so wrong about all of my preconceived notions, and as the day went on was amazed at Joy’s capacity to capture my attention and reveal my inner critic.

The Art of Reframing emphasized the importance of creating, defining, and holding a sacred space for oneself. We discussed things like fearless curiosity, our likes, and our dislikes to better define who we are. We discussed trust and distrust, and the situations and people that shape our views. We had an opportunity to talk about what in life we are looking forward to, I was amazed at the emotions around decisions about a future of uncertainty.

In evaluating our “inner critic”, I was able to connect with the reasons why I am critical of myself, from how I was raised, to things I was taught, to comments that people said that remained with me, all that helped shaped my own self criticism. Through the assess and acceptance exercises I was able to embrace my need for acceptance. I better understand not just the need but also the urge to be accepted and liked. I recognize my flaws and can now love and laugh at myself easier and better. I enjoyed the “uncover the gems” group exercise, it was a refreshing to not be afraid to express inadequacies without being judged unfairly for it. The energy in the room was great as one person shared, all could show love and embrace the flaws. I have learned to move past my inadequacies and shame, and be proud of me and all of my imperfections, as they are just hidden gems that help make me beautiful.

The reframing your self worth through the lens of love was insightful as it brought all components of the workshop together to help everyone understand that there are times that we feel helpless, alone, and inadequate; but from that we have great gifts that we can share with those we love. We also discussed how through love we can be great contributors with meaningful information to share with others.

Dwayne Thomas
President and COO 
Thomas & Thomas Global, LLC

What really stuck with me from the workshop was the work at the end.  You really made the yoga postures and hand mudras come alive.  Wish we had taped your “talk” because your explanations of why you chose each pose and what it would do with regards to each energy were wonderful.

Your spoken presentations are powerful and express your knowledge and ideas so well.  I know your book is capturing “Joy’s voice” in the writing.

J. McGehee — Conway, AR

“Joy Caffrey is an immensely gifted energy healer, and her integrity, dedication, and kindness are of the highest degree.

I have been awed and amazed at the way she can ‘feel into me’ at a multitude of levels, helping me deepen access to my wisdom and intuition, and accelerate the healing of my stuck and wounded areas. She has served each member of my family in this way, each of us uniquely and profoundly. I am very grateful for her healing skills, have referred many people to her, and give her healing sessions a very enthusiastic recommendation.”

Leslie O, L.C.S.W. (private practice in psychotherapy) – Fayetteville, AR


Joy Caffrey lovingly shares her gifts as a dynamic and powerful tool to help you reach your self understanding and balance. Feeling stuck? Defeated? Fighting against yourself? Joy Caffrey can equip you with what you need to go forward and achieve your purpose in life.

I brought my daughter here after watching her dwell in depression and self-loathing misery for years after she suffered from post-par tum issues and several traumatic circumstances in her life. After just two sessions with Joy, she is happier than I have seen her in years. I feel like I have my daughter back and she is thriving each day, happy, content and reaching new goals and purpose and just enjoying life in general. I am so very thankful.

Patti –  NE Arkansas

“This woman offers (is) an amazing dynamic blend to help anyone along their path to heal. Joy is truly the perfect name for her. I think of her as my body worker, energy healer and psychologist.

Receiving from this practitioner is releasing, peaceful and brings my spirit into a strong sense of freedom. I have left each session heart filled and excited, with new releases and understandings from my body, my mind and my heart. Each time I have walked away with tools to continue the work. As a cranial sacral therapist I can feel tissue unwinding and energy blocks releasing. Along with this Joy helps me connect with family memories, ancient memories, old emotional patterns and new healing paradigms of understanding. As an occupational therapist I am grateful for this powerful blend of therapy Joy offers. I find myself saying WOW a lot. Joy has a massive peaceful heart and amazing tenderness. She is a true healer.”

Patty Miller, Occupational Therapist – Little Rock, AR

“I’m not sure, exactly, how to explain what it is that Joy does. I’ve tried several times to describe her work to patients, in recommending that they see her, and each time all I can come up with is that she’s a healer, a true healer.

Given what I was taught in medical school nothing I learned there prepared me for what I’ve received in Joy’s healing room. My seminary studies did more to help me understand the power of Joy’s work.

Joy moves within a sacred space, whether it be at her place in Fayetteville or a borrowed office in Little Rock, or simply within the air around her as she walks down the street. She carries with her a sense of centeredness which is as palpable yet comes as easy as taking a breath.

Joy approaches her clients with grace and dignity and wholly without judgment. She listens very well, and not just to words spoken, but to what the individual’s heart’s saying. She has a remarkable ability to quite literally be in touch with her clients’ energy. In return she offers a refreshingly full image of each individual’s wholeness, the physical aspect we see as well as the energetic aspect she sees so very well. I feel blessed knowing Joy.”

Stephen Hathcock, M.D., Center for Integrative Medicine – Little Rock, AR


“I didn’t want my time with Joy to end. I was immediately comfortable with Joy and this helped me to quickly turn my attention inward instead of adjusting to a stranger.

Joy didn’t feel like a stranger at all and I wasn’t the least bit inhibited exploring with her. She provided and maintained a completely non-judgmental and soothing environment. I didn’t even have to try and let down my defenses; it happened naturally with Joy. I felt I could have easily spent the entire day with her. What a treat to encounter such a giving teacher!”

Angela Gattin – AR


“Joy listens compassionately, speaks intelligently and has the amazing capacity to understand with her heart.

She touches lives with her talent for deep communication, and her courage to explore all arenas of the Spirit, including the places in us where the shadow resides. In this way she not only delivers teachings but healing as well.”

Anastacia Townsend — New Castle, Washington

“Joy’s energy and guidance walk with me along my life’s path shining a light in the darkness when I am having difficulty cleaning my own lenses. I have tried other therapy in the past and did gain and grow from it; however, I could tell after my first session with Joy that I would make leaps and bounds in my healing under her guidance and loving care.

I first came to her for help with emotional, heart, and life issues. Last year, though, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer so my journey with her took a slight turn. Here’s where I cannot write without tears for her presence during that uncharted path and the space she held for me in her heart was invaluable. She not only helped me prepare for and recover from surgery, she guided me through a very tough decision and helped me find my own answer about whether to proceed with chemotherapy. Her ability to work with me through my treatments, I am certain, contributed immensely to the fact that I am now cancer free. I can, without hesitation, recommend her gifts to help you continue moving toward your personal wholeness. She is friend, healer, guide, inspiration and light. My life is definitely richer having her in it.”

Amy E – Fayetteville, AR


“Joy came into my life at a time when I was experiencing lots of distress. I was depressed, anxious, and sleeping poorly.

Her wise, joyful presence and her healing gifts were instrumental in helping me gain clarity, courage, insight, and peace.”

Rebecca T. Kilmer — Little Rock, AR.