Awesome Workshop

I felt whole again, a feeling that I have not felt for many years thanks to the Art of Reframing workshop. It was Awesome. I would encourage anyone male or female, young or old, to take a day and experience the Art of Reframing, it will change your life.

I was invited by my wife to participate in Joy’s “Art of Reframing” workshop, my wife thought this would be a great way for me to reflect on and express some of my inner feelings. As you could imagine this was the last thing on my list of things I wanted to do. I decided to be positive and optimistic of the outcome, and was eager to accumulate my list of reasons why this was not a good idea. I must say I was so wrong about all of my preconceived notions, and as the day went on was amazed at Joy’s capacity to capture my attention and reveal my inner critic.

The Art of Reframing emphasized the importance of creating, defining, and holding a sacred space for oneself. We discussed things like fearless curiosity, our likes, and our dislikes to better define who we are. We discussed trust and distrust, and the situations and people that shape our views. We had an opportunity to talk about what in life we are looking forward to, I was amazed at the emotions around decisions about a future of uncertainty.

In evaluating our “inner critic”, I was able to connect with the reasons why I am critical of myself, from how I was raised, to things I was taught, to comments that people said that remained with me, all that helped shaped my own self criticism. Through the assess and acceptance exercises I was able to embrace my need for acceptance. I better understand not just the need but also the urge to be accepted and liked. I recognize my flaws and can now love and laugh at myself easier and better. I enjoyed the “uncover the gems” group exercise, it was a refreshing to not be afraid to express inadequacies without being judged unfairly for it. The energy in the room was great as one person shared, all could show love and embrace the flaws. I have learned to move past my inadequacies and shame, and be proud of me and all of my imperfections, as they are just hidden gems that help make me beautiful.

The reframing your self worth through the lens of love was insightful as it brought all components of the workshop together to help everyone understand that there are times that we feel helpless, alone, and inadequate; but from that we have great gifts that we can share with those we love. We also discussed how through love we can be great contributors with meaningful information to share with others.

Dwayne Thomas
President and COO 
Thomas & Thomas Global, LLC