Artist Statement

by Joy Caffrey

Drawing teaches me to see and understand the physical world: earth and matter, light and shadow. The colors in organic materials bring me joy. I observe in nature subtle, complex, luminescent hues, awakening my senses.

The process of drawing informs me. The lines and marks on paper take on a life of their own, mirroring information that I would otherwise miss. I love the visceral connection to childhood, the natural flow of the hand giving way to expression. I appreciate the process of learning by doing. Observation, action, and reflection are great teachers.

As an arts educator, I enliven and empower students to create. I emphasize the power of observation. Observation skills can be applied externally and internally. External observation develops perception for accurate drawing. Teaching students to develop introspection (internal observation) helps them to perceive and express abstract thoughts, feelings, and sensations through their visual art.

Joy Caffrey is an artist, arts educator, yoga teacher, and healer. This diversity helps her to maintain balance of mind, body, and heart.

Joy holds a fine arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design and is a graduate of Living Lessons, an energy medicine training program. Her teaching experience includes community art classes, yoga, and workshops on the human energy field and applications of energy medicine. She taught visual art classes for seven years at the Nadine Baum Studios in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Joy has exhibited her work in collective and solo shows.