About Me

joy16The essence of this Joy

I have been an Energy Medicine practitioner for twenty years. From the work, I have learned the importance of keeping my vessel clean. That means actively doing my inner work. It means catching myself when I am making up stories in my head. It means yearning for clarity and raising my awareness.

In my own healing process, I have learned to live vibrantly and boldly. I am attuned to my physical and energetic body. I strive to embody integrity and truth. I express creatively and live joyfully. I care deeply about my relationships and I am well loved.

It is my calling to be deeply present with my clients and reflect back to them their radiance and ease their shame and self-judgment. I am intrigued by the beautiful mysteries that are revealed as sense is made from the seemingly unrelated.

I move through life with curiosity, an open mind, and compassion. I allow myself to be changing, strengthening, and emerging.

People fascinate me with their unique idiosyncrasies. I am intrigued by what makes them excited and what makes them pause. There is beauty and worth in everyone.

Plants teach me lessons, like the Bermuda grass in my garden teaching me about persistence and tenacity. Flowering plants are joyful gifts that please my senses with delicate scents and rich hues.

Colors nourish me, the subtle and the saturated.  I like what happens when they sit next to each other; their defining edge can give rise to harmony or tension.  I love colors without their names attached.

My work is gratifying.  I am grateful to be using and continually developing my gifts and sharing them with my community. I enjoy integrating a wide range of information and creatively offering it to my clients in the ways that are most appropriate for their journeys.

I’d like to offer you support on your journey and reflect back to you your own brilliance. I have tools in my tool box to share with you. Trust your timing.

When you are ready to journey, call me at 479-409-4912 or send me an email.


For an in-depth description of my own healing journey and the things I have learned, click here.



A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Joy is also a visual artist. She has worked as a graphic designer in New York City, Seattle, and New Mexico. In 1994, she studied under Anaiis Salles in a two-year Energy Medicine training program.

She currently lives with her husband, Tim, in the very green Ozark town of Fayetteville, Arkansas.  She enjoys the farmers market, going to lectures, music and art events, and celebrating life and creativity with friends and family. She loves to dirty her hands tending flowers in her garden and painting walls in her home — a Zen experience for her.  She and her husband are empty nesters and their three grown children are just where they are meant to be and doing what they love.  This makes her smile.

(A 70-minute Video on The Journey to the Heart).