“I’m not sure, exactly, how to explain what it is that Joy does. I’ve tried several times to describe her work to patients, in recommending that they see her, and each time all I can come up with is that she’s a healer, a true healer.

Given what I was taught in medical school nothing I learned there prepared me for what I’ve received in Joy’s healing room. My seminary studies did more to help me understand the power of Joy’s work.

Joy moves within a sacred space, whether it be at her place in Fayetteville or a borrowed office in Little Rock, or simply within the air around her as she walks down the street. She carries with her a sense of centeredness which is as palpable yet comes as easy as taking a breath.

Joy approaches her clients with grace and dignity and wholly without judgment. She listens very well, and not just to words spoken, but to what the individual’s heart’s saying. She has a remarkable ability to quite literally be in touch with her clients’ energy. In return she offers a refreshingly full image of each individual’s wholeness, the physical aspect we see as well as the energetic aspect she sees so very well. I feel blessed knowing Joy.”

Stephen Hathcock, M.D., Center for Integrative Medicine – Little Rock, AR