I have been making wildcrafted smudge sticks after harvesting sage in Durango, Colorado.


Sign up for 3 healing sessions  and receive your own smudge stick.

Package rates for healing sessions which include a smudge stick:
You can get (3) 45 minutes sessions for $65 each for a total of $195
or  (3)  60 minute sessions at $85 each for a total of $255.
or  (3) 90 minute sessions for $135 each for a total of $405


The 45 minutes sessions are for chakra balancing.
The 60 and 90 minute session  offers energy work with consultation and coaching.


The rate for single sessions are
45 minutes for $75
60 minutes for $100
90 minutes for $150


Smudge sticks with tuquoise embellishments will be sold for $15. (plus shipping) while limited supplies last.


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