Women’s Workshop: Sensual and Loving It!

Have you been fed mixed messages about what it means to be sexy?
Are you uncomfortable with your own body?
Has motherhood put your sex life on the back burner?

Join Joy Caffrey and Maria Chowdhury on July 27th to access the power and pleasure of your own sexuality. Through group discussion and healing meditation, release any residual fear, guilt, or shame that may be inhibiting your full sexual expression, and discover the enhancing benefits of age-old herbal remedies. Experience Sensual and Loving It, your sizzling summer transformation. We welcome all femail-indentified individuals at our workshop.
July 27, 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Location: Birth Song Midwifery
862 N. Cato Springs Rd
Fayetteville, AR 72701

To register:
Call Joy Caffrey at (479) 409-4912 or e-mail Joy@JoyfulHealingCenter.com
Or call Maria Chowdhury at (479) 718-0841 or e-mail Birthsongmaria@gmail.com

Cost: $75

Mail checks via mail to:
Birth Song Midwifery
862 N. Cato Springs Rd. Fayetteville, AR 72701

Or pay with PayPal at birthsongbotanicals.org

I am often asked about the Tonal sounds I use in my healing work. I have collected my thoughts to offer this articulation of the subject.

Toning is a healing process which uses vocal sound to restore and balance the human energy body. It opens doorways into the psyche, communicating information that a person may not be consciously aware of. Toning releases painful emotions trapped in the body. It is used as a means to clear and charge the energetic field.

No one taught me toning: it is a gift that opened through me, slowly, organically and continually, as I opened to my healing skills. I continue this process each time I work by turning myself over to Spirit. I use toning as a means of centering myself and verifying an energetic clarity and readiness for working. I use toning to percolate information from the unconscious into consciousness.