“I’m not sure, exactly, how to explain what it is that Joy does. I’ve tried several times to describe her work to patients, in recommending that they see her, and each time all I can come up with is that she’s a healer, a true healer.

Given what I was taught in medical school nothing I learned there prepared me for what I’ve received in Joy’s healing room. My seminary studies did more to help me understand the power of Joy’s work.

Joy moves within a sacred space, whether it be at her place in Fayetteville or a borrowed office in Little Rock, or simply within the air around her as she walks down the street. She carries with her a sense of centeredness which is as palpable yet comes as easy as taking a breath.

Joy approaches her clients with grace and dignity and wholly without judgment. She listens very well, and not just to words spoken, but to what the individual’s heart’s saying. She has a remarkable ability to quite literally be in touch with her clients’ energy. In return she offers a refreshingly full image of each individual’s wholeness, the physical aspect we see as well as the energetic aspect she sees so very well. I feel blessed knowing Joy.”

Stephen Hathcock, M.D., Center for Integrative Medicine – Little Rock, AR


“I didn’t want my time with Joy to end. I was immediately comfortable with Joy and this helped me to quickly turn my attention inward instead of adjusting to a stranger.

Joy didn’t feel like a stranger at all and I wasn’t the least bit inhibited exploring with her. She provided and maintained a completely non-judgmental and soothing environment. I didn’t even have to try and let down my defenses; it happened naturally with Joy. I felt I could have easily spent the entire day with her. What a treat to encounter such a giving teacher!”

Angela Gattin – AR


“Joy listens compassionately, speaks intelligently and has the amazing capacity to understand with her heart.

She touches lives with her talent for deep communication, and her courage to explore all arenas of the Spirit, including the places in us where the shadow resides. In this way she not only delivers teachings but healing as well.”

Anastacia Townsend — New Castle, Washington

“Joy’s energy and guidance walk with me along my life’s path shining a light in the darkness when I am having difficulty cleaning my own lenses. I have tried other therapy in the past and did gain and grow from it; however, I could tell after my first session with Joy that I would make leaps and bounds in my healing under her guidance and loving care.

I first came to her for help with emotional, heart, and life issues. Last year, though, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer so my journey with her took a slight turn. Here’s where I cannot write without tears for her presence during that uncharted path and the space she held for me in her heart was invaluable. She not only helped me prepare for and recover from surgery, she guided me through a very tough decision and helped me find my own answer about whether to proceed with chemotherapy. Her ability to work with me through my treatments, I am certain, contributed immensely to the fact that I am now cancer free. I can, without hesitation, recommend her gifts to help you continue moving toward your personal wholeness. She is friend, healer, guide, inspiration and light. My life is definitely richer having her in it.”

Amy E – Fayetteville, AR

Do you wish your child came with an instruction manual? Is parenting more challenging than you expected? Are you worn out at the end of the day?
It is possible to raise self-confident, socially conscious, and loving children. And just as important, you can learn to nurture yourself and your relationship with your spouse along the way. Joy and Tim Caffrey offer their 24 years of parenting experience in an interactive gathering at Passages Rising.

Come join the conversation, gain some insights, and share with other parents.

Thursday, June 6, from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Passages Rising
14 E Meadow Street, Fayetteville, AR 72701
(479) 935-8544
This event is free, though registering ahead is suggested. 

We may not share the same experiences, but I am guessing we share similar feelings around our challenges.

I grew up in the suburbs, on Long Island, roof over my head, food in my belly, a bicycle to ride and a tree to climb. That tree was my best friend.

I am not sure anyone realized just how sensitive I was. In rearing me and my four siblings, my parents used physical discipline. A family philosophy passed down from my grandparents is that children were to be seen and not heard. I was told to shut up or else; “or else” was not an empty threat.  I longed for gentleness and affection. I was easily overwhelmed, even by my own feelings, and at times needed solitude for my introverted nature. That is why I climbed our silver maple often and took solace in her branches.

Somehow I believed I didn’t really have needs, that if I only made myself smaller and quieter, I could avoid getting hurt. I lost my ability to speak up. I believed that my feelings didn’t count, my perceptions didn’t matter. I believed I shouldn’t take up too much space.

The way that the pain of my childhood has shown up as an adult is that I am hyper-sensitive to criticism. I take things too personally. I blame myself for any chaos going on around me. I have spent a lot of time making sure everyone else’s ego is being appeased. It has taken me a long time to trust myself and trust others. I have had to overcome an expectation of getting hurt.

I absorbed positive qualities from my family. My parents were hard working. My dad was a mechanical engineer. While not at work, my father was constantly working on our home, remodeling rooms or landscaping the yard. He cared about creating beauty in our home. I am grateful that my mom exposed me to the arts, taking me to museums and local theatre productions. My mom was a nurse and continually aiding others. My mom took into our home her younger sister and her alcoholic father. Creativity and taking care of others were valued in our family. These traits were ingrained in me.

A year after college, my closest college friend, Joe, was hit by a car and died. On the day Joe died, he was in Alaska and I was in New York, but I saw a bicycle wheel spinning in my mind’s eye and felt like I had just been just hit by a car. That is when I began to “see” things. Until then my vision of Spirit world was a line between me and God, direct, pure and simple.

My lucid dreaming was my counsel during the weeks after Joe’s death. My dreams were always a week ahead of my grieving process, laying out the stages for me. But I wasn’t fully ready for the gift of clairvoyance as I started to experience it. I felt the need to shut down and on some levels I did. Blessedly, I was able to stay open to a new relationship that was just starting with the man whom I have now been married to for 26 years. Tim and I have made it through a lot over the years.

A turning point for me was when I realized I could “see” and “hear” the troubled spirit of the deceased owner of the first house my husband and I purchased. The first two years of opening to my healing skills related to learning about my gifts of perception and helping those who had died to peacefully transition. And that led me to find a teacher who taught me Energy Medicine. I was trained to develop self-awareness and high-sense perception and to cultivate these skills in service to others in alignment with a higher power.

My two-year training course was my first exposure to boundaries. I learned not to be an emotional rescuer and not to depend on one. I learned a new vocabulary to describe things that I had been experiencing in various dimensions and for which I had never had a language. I developed discernment. I gained a community which understood me. That was powerful. I want to offer you understanding in the same way.

In overcoming my struggles I have learned many things which have brought me to a place of inner happiness.

Things I have learned:

  • No one is all good or all bad; we are humans, each with dark and light qualities.
  • I am imperfect and I accept this truth.
  • I believe in miracles.
  • We do not have to continue family dysfunction and destructive behaviors.
  • I continue to strengthen my boundaries.
  • I have developed incredible compensation skills over the years.
  • I am not stupid; on the contrary, I am brilliant.
  • I have developed good self-care strategies. I sleep, eat, and exercise — mindfully.
  • I listen to and respect my body.
  • I create supportive networks for myself.
  • I have never been abandoned by God.
  • Even though I crave love and affection, I know I am constantly held in love — by God, by the Universe, by my inner guides. I know I am love in action.
  • My creativity is something that no one can ever take from me. It is a constant flow that moves through me from Source.
  • I am skilled at dipping into the unconscious and coming out with information.
  • I trust myself and my inner wisdom.
  • I am good at interpreting what is not being said.
  • Reframing my challenges allows me to thrive.
  • I have a deep capacity for compassion.
  • No one person’s pain has been too dark for me to be present with while it is held with love. (I have never lived in an active war zone; I am sure I have my limits.)
  • We have raised three awesome kids. They are brilliant, creative, emotionally intelligent, and easily express love.

I’d like to offer you support on your journey and reflect back to you your own radiance. I have tools in my tool box to share with you. I trust your journey will also bring healing and meaning to your life. I look forward to seeing how you express your own beauty and self-worth. You are brilliant.


What does rebuilding my website have in common with a phoenix bird? Maybe more than I realized.

This process has taken longer than I imagined, and I needed to dismantle more than the old site. I let go of trying to do everything myself, which meant releasing my idealized self (and hiring Archetype Productions for an unfolding collaboration). I found some things I didn’t like about myself and then needed to let go of self-judgment. Little by little, I even took apart my logo — or was that my ego? — or both.


“Joy came into my life at a time when I was experiencing lots of distress. I was depressed, anxious, and sleeping poorly.

Her wise, joyful presence and her healing gifts were instrumental in helping me gain clarity, courage, insight, and peace.”

Rebecca T. Kilmer — Little Rock, AR.


“I perceive Joy as one who graciously gives of her talents and energy. Her concern feels genuine and warm.

As for the healing aspect, what transpired is almost beyond description. My sense is that positive changes occurred on a cellular level.”

MBH — Hot Springs, AR

“I’d first like to state that nothing I can put into words can express the wonder and beauty of just how Joy has guided and blessed my life’s journey through her work with me over the last year.

She has the remarkable gift of allowing one to discover and release obstructions that would otherwise impede or dilute the fullness of life in our relationships, our everyday work, and spiritual progression.

The unconditional love that Joy embraces in her healing session fully aligns with the highest and most honored that any healing tradition would offer. It is through that infinite universal love that Joy connects and bridges in a deep personal transformation or transmutation. Her work is only limited by one’s willingness to surrender and embrace change from lost or forgotten portals, that can seemingly sabotage our best intentions.

Energy healing with Joy is in itself a remarkable process. It continues to build from one session to another, always delivering me refreshed, renewed, and exponentially further along life’s path. The healing extends well beyond the session, providing opportunities that deliver new dynamics, direction, and synchronicity along our path.

I’d be the first to say that I don’t intellectually fully comprehend Joy’s work in a manner that I could detail to another. However, I could say that Joy’s healing work is expressed as a gifted artistry that seems to creatively emerge with an unlimited array of loving energy, those expressions of which, compassionately guide and deliver a new born freedom within a universally connected space of peace, love, joy, and purpose.

Having utilized many other methods of traditional and non-traditional healing over the years, Joy’s healing is extremely effective, synthesizing solutions for your whole “beingness” in balanced alignment.”

David Fitch – Bentonville, AR