“I thought the sound was one of the most curious and intriguing sounds I’ve ever heard, especially from a human throat.  Most of the time during the…toning I guess is a good word…

I felt like I normally do during a guided imagery–not totally present in the room.  But the experience changed when I could sense that she was standing in front of me and making the sound “at” me. Then it was as if the sound was my consciousness/being and the rhythm as she went from lower volume to higher volume was the “breath” of my consciousness. It was as if the sound reverberated throughout my entire body and down through each molecule.”

Daniel Chapman, Soul Sonar Workshop – Lafayette, Louisiana 8/2008

Checking in versus Checking out

Release pain of the mind, pain of the body. This workshop will focus on the challenges presented by seasonal changes and move on to reframing and releasing our self-limiting, patterned behaviors and re-energizing our self-care strategies. Joy will facilitate the workshop with discussion topics, guided meditations, and healing energy.

We will reflect on the ways that we all check in or check out of our own bodies, and learn tools for accessing and translating our inner guidance and wisdom.

Join us as Joy offers her insights, perspectives, knowledge, wisdom and humor on this topic, geared to assist us to more successfully navigate and orchestrate a fulfilling, joyful life and bring more balance, vitality, and harmony into our personal lives.

Date: February 10. 2013
Time: 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Location: RabBoar Studio
12897 E. Tucks Chapel Rd Rogers, AR
Cost: only $45 for this 3 hour workshop
please pre-register, space is limited.

To Register Contact:
Pamela Porch at RabBaor Studio
e-mail: pamela@rabboar.com


Joy Caffrey at 479-409-4912
e-mail: Joy@JoyfulHealingCenter.com