“When we are in the presence of a person of integrity who treats us with respect and interest, it is natural to relax and feel some trust.  Joy Caffrey is such a person.

Thus, I was able to experience tangible benefits from just sitting and talking with her, even before experiencing distinct energetic effects from her healing work.  I sensed that I was in the presence of one who loves truth, who perceives the sacredness of each life, and who is deeply dedicated to the service of others.

Joy’s approach to healing work is very fluid. In the ten or more healing sessions I have had with her since 2000 (both alone and with my partner), I have always observed that what she does varies according to what is needed.  Sometimes, she listens with great intensity.  Sometimes, words come to her which seem remarkably clarifying for my present situation–often to the point of being confirmations of her extrasensory capacities.  Many times I have felt tinglings, pulsations, or even streamings as fresh energy moves through relatively contracted areas of my body in enlivening ways. Sometimes she has “toned” sounds which seem to have a positive effect.  These sounds often seem to conform with unexpressed or unacknowledged emotions  in my psyche in such a way that I feel met, understood, and more safe to allow things that I haven’t been conscious of to rise to the light of awareness.

I think that the fluidity of Joy’s approach springs from her dedication to the truth of each person each moment, and from her finely-tuned ability to sense each client’s wholeness and whatever may be blocking that wholeness. The wide variety of ways she works is drawn out; seemingly evoked from her attunement to the leading edge of each client’s growth process. It’s a lovely, subtle ability that facilitates much movement and personal development.

In our sessions, Joy has paid particular attention to honoring boundaries, both mine and her own. This has added to my sense of feeling safe and fully respected, and I appreciate the way she models this honoring of her own boundaries and limitations right in the midst of all the expanded awareness she so clearly also manifests during a healing session.

As a licensed certified social worker who has been in clinical practice in Arkansas for over 20 years, I can attest that what Joy does is innately and appropriately therapeutic without even vaguely approximating psychotherapy or massage therapy.  I can think of a half dozen or so other seasoned clinicians like myself who would agree with this and who have referred patients to her, as I have.

Please feel free to contact me at greenwaters@cox.net if you would like me to address any questions or to share any further impressions of Joy Caffrey with you.”

Geoff Oelsner, LCSW ‑ Fayetteville, AR

Ice Photos taken January 26, 2009.

tracks Tracks by Gregg St.

Ben in road

Ben in middle of the road by Greg Street’ one lane bridge

bench in ice

Bench at Wilson Park

front yard trees

Our front Yard

Castle in Ice

Castle at Wilson Park

Skyline trees in ice

Trees on Skyline Drive

Lasting impressions: the green glow and my body’s disconcerted response from the transformer boxes popping…feeling simultaneously magical and catastrophic qualities…to quote my husband, “The cold makes me want to ‘migrate or hibernate'”…. the sounds of snapping trees that started about 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday and lasted for hours…migrating to Common Grounds to get warm, eat hot food and charge my cell phone like so many others and catching the frenzied buzz of adults not at work…carry in logs, feed fire, carry in more logs, feed fire, carry in more logs, grateful for a fire place…appreciating my ingenuity boiling eggs and cooking sausage on my fireplace rim…my meditation with the trees and feeling calmly reassured…and still feeling my own grief…catching my fear rising with the sounds of tree limbs falling on the roof above….shattering glass sounds as the ice gave way to the rising temperatures….keeping it in perspective and realizing this is not Katrina…grief and empathy for the families of local high school boys killed in a fire…grateful to live in a caring community…..walking the neighborhood with my son and camera…recognizing my centering response was to view my surroundings with the viewpoint of awe and beauty.