“The first time I met Joy I had no idea what to expect. In that session and every session since, I’ve felt cherished and safe. Joy brings with her a sense that — profoundly, fully, without reservation — everything is just fine.

It’s an amazing experience. This experience of complete acceptance provides the space in which to grow and explore, address and resolve imbalances, examine new possibilities.

In a way, Joy heals as Florence Nightingale would have. Miss Nightingale operated on the assumption that the human experience is characterized by the drive toward health. To her, the healer’s job was to create an environment, in which that drive can operate without impediment. The healer managed light, ventilation, sound, hygiene, nutrition and hydration. Healing environments were light and airy, calm and interesting. People in the healing process were kept clean and given nourishing food and fresh water. What a healer like Joy brings to such an environment is a sense of confidence and competence — that the universe is unfolding as it should — that no one is alone because no one is separate — that no one is overwhelmed because no one is intruding — that all of us, singly and collectively, are beloved.”

Louanne Lawson, PhD, RN, FAAN, DF-IAFN

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This teachers last lecture had been circualting on the web and then was picked up by Oprah. Here is the lecture. His vitality, courage, and essence of life’s meaning is good medicine.

Check it out.