I had the opportunity to be a guest lecturer for Paula Mathews class of grad students at the UofA today.

I wanted the class to be experiential and hands on learning. The time flew by. We discussed Human Energy Dynamics and did a few exercises getting to play with the 5 movements of energy: diffuse, pull, contract, push and stop.

Here is a list I put together for the students: Tools that are in My Healer’s Tool Box. I didn’t have enough time to go over this list. So I invite the grad students (or anyone else) to ask a question on the material below or anything else that was discussed today.

Tools in My Healer’s Tool Box

  • Shamanic attributes / clairvoyance
  • The ability to move from consciousness to unconscious to the collective conscious
  • Body Mirroring, interpreting pain as information
  • Subtle Sense Perceptions of Energy Field
  • Understanding the mapping of the Human Energy Field
  • Ability to use sound to give rise to information
  • Ability to use sound to restructure the Energetic Field
  • Translating sensations into cognitive awareness
  • Compassion / Unconditional Love
  • Discernment
  • Active Imagination
  • Guided Meditations
  • Observations skills
  • The ability to meet my client in their contracted places with non judgment, and compassion
  • The ability to navigate the inner territories with out losing a sense of self
  • The ability to ground myself and client
  • The ability to simultaneously activate Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta states
  • The ability to lucid dream for my client
  • The ability to recognize and reflect client’s inner wisdom
  • Discerning quality touch

A Consumer’s Perspective

In my experience, the following is a list of reasons why people come to me for healing:

Physical Issues
– Chronic pain, illness, or disease
– To avoid surgery
– Dealing with pain management
– Feeling disconnected from one’s body

Emotional Issues
– Feeling stuck
– Feeling overwhelmed
– Working through grief, anger, hate, etc.
– (On a deeper level working through the barrier material of
shame, guilt, fear, terror and judgement)

Mental Issues
-Inability to concentrate
– Too much chatter and internal noise
– Mind feels dull, or “in a fog”

Heart Issues
– Not sure what to do with intense feelings of love
– Feeling unloved or unable to love
– Wanting to deepen one’s capacity to love
– To open the doorway to compassion and self-compassion
– Relationship healing: working with dysfunctional power cords

Spiritual Issues
– Feeling a loss of self
– Feeling disconnected from Spirit
– Feeling something is missing from one’s life
– Searching for one’s life task
– Feeling called to one’s path and desiring confirmation and direction

Dealing with Change
– Changing careers
– Relocating
– Ending or beginning relationships

Personal Growth Issues
– To understand how one uses their energy
– To understand defensive use and radiant use of energy
– To understand established negative beliefs and choose new beliefs

Many times when I am healing a specific word will come through that is related to my clients healing process. I have learned to look these words up in the dictionary and read the various meanings to my client. More often than not there is the obvious meaning and then we are surprised to learn of other meanings that relate in unexpected ways.

Today’s word:

insidious 1. a: awaiting a chance to entrap: treacherous b: harmful but enticing: seductive (drugs) 2 a: having a gradual and cumulative effect: subtle (the pressures of modern life) b: of a disease: developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent

“I have observed Joy working in a variety of settings, and have personally been enlightened and helped by her kindness and her healing gifts.

Ms. Caffrey has a graceful and powerful connection to a source of healing that easily comes through in her voice, words and touch. The healing sessions that I have received have helped me emotionally and cognitively, often times much faster than conventional psychotherapy.”

Joshua Newman, M.A., LPC – Fayetteville, AR