Here is a list of questions to ask yourself when choosing an energy healer.

1. Is this person sincere, authentic, and working from the heart?

2. Do they have command of their ego?

3. Are they self-serving or serving the Divine?

4. Do they treat me with genuine respect?

5. Do they EMPOWER me?

6. Do they take responsibility for their actions?

7. Do they appear balanced, in their heart and in their power?

8. Can they discern energetic information?

9. Do they use their gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. as a tool for serving, or do they get caught up in the bells and whistles and feed ego?

10. Do they have a combination of natural skills and training?

11. Can they articulate the information they are sensing?

12. Do they know when to engage or not to engage in conversation?

13. Have they gone through their own transformational process? Can they own up to their own dark side?

14. Do I TRUST them?

15. Have they been trained in a system that keeps secrets or relies on a patriarchal system of attunement? Have they bought their way into calling themselves a healer?

16. Would they withhold information from me to keep me coming back?

17. Can they hold a safe and compassionate energetic space for my process?

18. Do they have the capacity to be a clear mirror?

19. Are they rigid in their approach or can they flow in the moment?

20. Are they grounded?

21. Do they respect issues of confidentiality?

22. Are they clean, clear, and appropriate with their own sexual energy?

I will be writing articles on releasing discarnates soon. In the mean time if anyone has a specific question, ask and it may get me started.

Dissolving Dysfunctional Power Cords

Strong emotions and memories may surface during this exercise. Breathe, and allow the emotions to be and move without any forcing on your part, without any holding on. It is possible to experience a response to this exercise some hours or even days later or for the work to continue in the dream state.

You may experience a sense of apprehension, doubt and/or fear as you settle into this visualization. Allow yourself to notice the fear without fighting it. Your ego is on alert, ready to protect you from harm. In the past, your ego may have learned to associate awareness with displeasure or punishment. By doing this exercise, you are retraining your ego and connecting it to your spirituality and your greater energetic reality in which awareness is a great gift.

  Heart Meditation

…begin meditation article….

Be Present -The best gift we can give our loved ones.

Choose pleasure over perfection.

When guests come over and we fret over having the table set just right or worry that they will see the cobweb we missed while cleaning, we remove ourselves from genuine connection. Give yourself permission to be imperfect, laugh at yourself, and know what your loved ones truly want is your attention.

Receiving with openness is as important as giving.

Drawing teaches me to see and understand the physical world: earth and matter, light and shadow. The colors in organic materials bring me joy. I observe in nature subtle, complex, luminescent hues, awakening my senses.

The process of drawing informs me. The lines and marks on paper take on a life of their own, mirroring information that I would otherwise miss. I love the visceral connection to childhood, the natural flow of the hand giving way to expression. I appreciate the process of learning by doing. Observation, action, and reflection are great teachers.