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I had a dream in my mid-twenties about my life purpose. The end of the dream was me receiving pieces of paper with hand-written notes from God. The notes, written with black flair pen on strips of loose leaf paper, were in response to my imploring question: “God, why am I here?!” to which God’s first written answer was: “To Show Mankind How to Love.” I have spent a life time figuring that out, because at the time of my dream I wasn’t loving myself so well. I was low in self-esteem and confidence. I was highly sensitive, took things too personally, and was easily overwhelmed. Through studying energy medicine, doing my own inner work, and developing my gifts I have diminished my suffering and increased my well being. I LOVE MYSELF. I LIVE BRILLIANTLY. I LIVE JOYFULLY. And I am here to help you do the same. 

Are you ready to let go of your pain and live more joyfully? Work with me so that you too can:

  • Raise your self-awareness
  • Let go of the self-limiting beliefs
  • Choose self-acceptance, and self-compassion
  • Reclaim the lost or shut down aspects of yourself
  • Tend to self-care: heal, nourish, strengthen, rest
  • Creatively express your unique perceptions and original thoughts
  • Manifest what is yours to do in the world
  • Celebrate your life
  • Be of service to others

What can take months to access in traditional therapy Joy has an uncanny ability to pinpoint the core of, and can help a client move out of self-limiting
behaviors and habits. ~ Client

I help highly sensitive, high achieving individuals feel calm and vibrant. I help you release your self-limiting beliefs. I help you diminish anxiety, shame, and guilt so that you can fully embody your brilliance, access your wisdom, and live your life purpose joyfully. You can work with me through:

Individual Energy Healing Sessions
Supportive Healing Mentoring Packages
Planned Events for your Organization
Private Yoga Sessions

You can learn about me and my journey on the About Me page of this website. And you can see if we would be a good match for each other on the About You page. If you’d like to read what others have experienced through working with me, please check out the Testimonials from previous clients.

To get started on your exquisite journey of joyful living, contact me.

I look forward to working with you…

Healing with Joy, Living your Brilliance