“I perceive Joy as one who graciously gives of her talents and energy. Her concern feels genuine and warm. As for the healing aspect, what transpired is almost beyond description. My sense is that positive changes occurred on a cellular level.”

“Here, you are recognized in your radiance, seen as authentic, and encouraged to stand in your truth.”

about_meI help highly sensitive, high achieving individuals feel calm and vibrant.  I help them access their authentic wisdom, purpose, and joy.

Think of me as your guide to healing and self-discovery. Together we will discover how compassion, wisdom, and discernment will bring relief, clarity, and connection to your calling. I have a passion of reflecting to you your own brillance.

You can learn about me and my journey on the About Me page of this website. And you can see if we would be a good match for each other on the About You page.  There is a page dedicated to testimonials from my clients describing their perceptions of my services.

You can learn about healing sessions and yoga instruction on the Services page. Upcoming workshops and events are listed on the Resources page which also includes free downloads, such as guided meditations and useful links. You can contact me by phone or email to set up a healing or yoga session, to request a workshop or to schedule a free 20-minute telephone consultation.

You can find images of my art on the Gallery page. Take a look, if you have time for a pause and a few gentle breaths.



I have been making wildcrafted smudge sticks after harvesting sage in Durango, Colorado.


Sign up for 3 healing sessions  and receive your own smudge stick.

Package rates for healing sessions which include a smudge stick:
You can get (3) 45 minutes sessions for $65 each for a total of $195
or  (3)  60 minute sessions at $85 each for a total of $255.
or  (3) 90 minute sessions for $135 each for a total of $405
The 45 minutes sessions are for chakra balancing.
The 60 and 90 minute session  offers energy work with consultation and coaching.
The rate for single sessions are
45 minutes for $75
60 minutes for $100
90 minutes for $150
Smudge sticks with tuquoise embellishments will be sold for $15. (plus shipping) while limited supplies last.



I am often asked about the Tonal sounds I use in my healing work. I have collected my thoughts to offer this articulation of the subject.

Toning is a healing process which uses vocal sound to restore and balance the human energy body. It opens doorways into the psyche, communicating information that a person may not be consciously aware of. Toning releases painful emotions trapped in the body. It is used as a means to clear and charge the energetic field.

No one taught me toning: it is a gift that opened through me, slowly, organically and continually, as I opened to my healing skills. I continue this process each time I work by turning myself over to Spirit. I use toning as a means of centering myself and verifying an energetic clarity and readiness for working. I use toning to percolate information from the unconscious into consciousness.





This Phoenix Rising

What does rebuilding my website have in common with a phoenix bird? Maybe more than I realized.

This process has taken longer than I imagined, and I needed to dismantle more than the old site. I let go of trying to do everything myself, which meant releasing my idealized self (and hiring Archetype Productions for an unfolding collaboration). I found some things I didn’t like about myself and then needed to let go of self-judgment. Little by little, I even took apart my logo — or was that my ego? — or both.